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In his predictions he uses combination of astrology, palmistry and numerology for more accuracy. He is also involved in financial and business astrology, interpretation of dreams and Para science.

He has First Class degree in Temple Management.

He is a very successful Astrologer of Astrological TV show on VTV Gujarati Saturday 7:30 to 8:00 am.His so many predictions has become true on the wheel of time........... such as - Result of popular TV show Big Boss, Position of rain and drought, Cricket matches of champions-trophy and world cup , Share market aspect and prediction for celebrities of various fields. Others are on the edge of becoming true on the golden screen of time.

Acharya Mukund Pandya always condemned the fraud, illusion and ill interpretation of astrology. He never accepted the conception of Kaal-Sarp dosh and useless karmkaand, as these are weapon for creating fear and generating money.He believes that "Astrology is a science of probability and it becomes truth only by the grace of All-Mighty".




About Astrology

A major part of ancient science helps in predicting the future. This is not just a myth, but is a fact that helps people overcome tough situation and lead a peaceful life. It is true that people should always believe in hard work and should strive hard to reach great heights in order to fulfill their goals. It is not possible to gain betterment in life without dedication and one should give importance to each and every aspect of life. Astrology is one such aspect that helps people win over situations and even provides solution for various problems. But remember, only experts with thorough knowledge of astrology can provide effective solutions!

Predicting future is possible by experts who have diverse and in-depth knowledge in the field astrology. Experts can foresee the future facts about health, life, money as well as education with their virtue of mastery in astrology. An expert astrologer is capable of explaining the cause of present academic hardships with help of educational astrology and helps people understand obscuring reasons behind the problems of a student.

An expert can predict the future in an efficient way only by considering date, day, time and year of birth. At times, some professionals even take the ‘place of birth’ into consideration for accurate future predictions and help people understand whether, or not, they can achieve the desired heights in life. In many cases, people have faced troubles in achieving their educational goals and professional growth without the help of astrology.

Whatever may be your troubles while studying, experts in the field of astrology extend a helping hand to the needy by providing them useful guidance. People are skeptical regarding their educational goals and are also doubtful if they would ever be able to complete their degrees in life . Educational astrology provides a realistic solution for students who are in a dilemma concerning their careers. An expert in the field of astrology can suggest a few mantras or gemstones suitable as per one’s Kundli to bring a positive change in one’s life. Reciting mantras, wearing prescribed Jyostish gemstones and performing the relevant rituals can bring peace of mind by driving away the misfortunes in life and in turn help attain great heights. People in trouble can consult an expert astrologer to ease their underlying tensions regarding education, business, peace in life, marriage, love life etc and can achieve prosperity in all walks of life.

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