Astrology is a tool to improve life and level of a person. It helps to improve physical, mental and spiritual level to balance the life and society, but unfortunately it shrinked only on physical matters. In this material world it has become a tool to extract money from a suffering person. Astrology clients are now involved to get quick relief and to change the destiny of them by all means, and when expected results do not come, they curse astrology, the divine Para-science. Without knowing all part of the birth chart and balance of elements, no exact results and remedy can be found out. Imaginary calculations and remedies can never balance the person and can never give relief to the person concerned.

To provide perfect result and scientific remedy and to lift the veil of imagination we have founded a socio-spiritual-astrological research centre – Astrology-Labs. In this research centre, we study a person with all his information such as-birth detail, palm and aura then we give accurate results and remedy based on scientific and Para-scientific calculation.