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Vastu Tips for Career

Vastu Tips for Career

Vastu Tips For career:

Vastu Shastra not only renders an optimistic future by making the environment completely positive but also helps in creating a bright career. Although one can’t change his fate, but hard-work and certain other measures can definitely promise a bright future:

1) For professionals :

• For artistic people like writers, research intellectuals and artists, sitting and working along the back of wall is considered highly fortunate.

• If the work-place is residential, it should never be sited beside the bedroom.

• In conference or meeting rooms, one should always avoid sharp-edged table or any such furniture.

• Never sit with your back against the entrance.

• One should always have office desks in regular shapes such as square and rectangle. Avoid any irregular or circular-shaped furniture to prevent any shortcomings.

• Placing a crystal on the table improves financial position and creates lively atmosphere

• Illuminate the southern corner of the work-place.

• The seating arrangement should be always North-facing.

2) For students :

• One should always use an average sized study table that is regular in shape. Avoid using over-small or over-sized tables.

• For better concentration, face the study tables in the East or North for increased concentration. This would, in turn, ensure that the student sitting on this table would also face East or North.

• Leave space between the wall and study-table free to allow sufficient flow of energies.

• The book shelf should be positioned in East, North or North-east direction.

• Avoid placing anything in the centre of a room.

• Avoid piling a lot of books or things on the study table since it results in unnecessary stress and poor concentration

• Lighten up the South-east corner of study table with a well-lit desk light.

• Give the room a tint of subtle and light colors as it enhances concentration and ability to focus.

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